About Us

Asian College of Teachers is a name to reckon with that must be looked upon by the aspiring teaching candidates willing to fetch skills and upgrade their knowledge on it. It is devoted towards providing specially designed teacher training courses and promises to exhibit the high standard of training and likely courses that it offers. ACT is committed toward academic excellence in a broad range of programs and has been the proud recipient of the two most prestigious awards in recent times - the “Iconic Teachers' Training Institute” award at the World Education Icon Awards 2021 and the “Institute of the Year 2021 – Digital Learning”.

Strong Alumni of 50,000

ACT has been offering a wide variety of courses which equips theaspiring educators with essential training, skill development and learning the latest methodologies that arerequired to be a quality educator.It has made a mark in the field of teacher education owing to the quality teachers that it produces,keeping up with the global education standardand the number of awards won for excellence. Asian College of Teachers has earned global reputation for imparting specially designed courses in educating and training teachers and boasts of a splendid record of 50,000 student enrolments.

Extensive Range of Special Education Courses

Asian College of Teachers was started with a complete focus on teachers training to prepare as well as empower outstanding global educators in the field of teaching, interweaving theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge.With an aim to educate and empower outstanding global educators, Asian College of Teachers is offering an extensive range of courses in the arena of Special Education aimed at aspiring as well as working SEN teachers and those associated with teaching or caring young children so that they can develop the requiredproficiency and utilize their skills in the field of pre &special education and early years teaching.

Accomplished Teacher Trainers

The highly skilled and qualified teacher trainers with years of experience and adequate international exposure contribute to the growing popularity of ACT as a leading institution for providing teacher training courses in pre and primary teaching, Montessori and Nursery teaching, TEFL/TESOL, education management, Learning and Development etc.Several courses are being introduced continuously, which adhere to the highest educational quality control maintaining the international standard and the level of popularity and demand.

Informative Teacher Workshops

The assorted teacher training courses are designed to accord the modern educators with attributes which will lend them unique teaching and management expertise to build a thriving learning environment.Moreover, ACT has also participated in the creation of helpful teacher training workshops in various schools, which were an outcome of the associations with numerous educational institutes and schools. These workshops strive to instill creative techniques and new teaching skills into the teachers' minds, and are carefully designed to match the diverse requirements of the different schools.