The Baby Room

Baby room practitioners have a significant role as they influence sensitive human beings during the most formative period of life. This is a task that entails huge responsibility and privilege. With this course, get acquainted with the traits and skills a practitioner, in this role, necessitates. Understand the importance of the initial years of life in terms of development, and gain an appreciation of play.

Learning outcomes

Tasks and responsibilities of the baby room practitioner will be outlined to learners, an important one of these being communicating with parents and carers

The learner will gain an understanding of how children start learning from birth, and how the first years of life are the most crucial in development of mind, body, and spirit

This course will give learners an overview of all of the ways that a young child learns – through tactile and sensory play, music, repetitive movement, motor activity, and communication with parents / carers and peers. The learner will gain an appreciation of play as a way for young children to develop an awareness of the world around them

The importance of sleep and rest for babies is stressed to learners and the concept of outdoor sleep is discussed

Advantages of this course

Babies engage life actively with all of their senses and emergent physical abilities. This is their way of learning about the world and much of their play consists of practising newly discovered motor skills. This course will outline the different types of play and give learner’s some ideas for stimulating play activities for babies.

As a practitioner, you are a valuable resource for the developing child. This is a big responsibility, especially given the significance of the first few years of a child’s life to their future wellbeing, and this course will help you to feel prepared for caring and supporting the healthy development of young children; as well as giving you a pool of activities and knowledge to draw on when required.

Reading texts, website, and video resources are utilised to explore the baby room in more detail and additional activities encourage the learner to reflect on the learning

On successful completion of this course, you will have the option of purchasing a CACHE certificate. This certificate must not be confused with nationally regulated qualification achievement.

Endorsement statement

Our short course has been reviewed by a Subject Specialist in childcare and endorsed by CACHE demonstrating the quality and rigor. CACHE is a trading name of NCFE (registered company number 02896700) and CACHE; Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education; and NNEB are registered trademarks owned by NCFE. This is an unregulated programme and is not a nationally recognised qualification.
This CACHE endorsed course is provided in partnership with Laser Learning.
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