Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED) in the early years

Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED) are the three building blocks for a successful future in life. They constitute for one of the key areas of learning during Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Get a grip regarding the age groups, stages and the various theories of PSED, how it promotes it during the early years, and the significance of attachment and play.
This course aims at early years practitioners, but parents and carers may also find it informative.

Learning outcomes

You will understand what personal development, social development, and emotional development means for younger children.
You will understand certain areas of PSED, such as attachment and play
You will be able to promote the Personal, Social and Emotional Development of children in your role, and understand the important role adults play in this

Advantages of this course

In Lawrence Kohlberg's theory of moral development, he outlines stages in moral reasoning achieved through social interaction - but argued that stages could not be ‘missed out’ and that not everyone achieves all the stages. This theory, and other theories of child development relevant to PSED will be explored in further detail in the reading section of this short course.
Tips, ideas, games, and activities will be suggested for promoting PSED, including specific advice for the birth to three years age group
A video of a play activity in a nursery that encourages children to direct the play and build their confidence is included in the Good Practice Example section of the course.
Additional activities encourage you to reflect on your learning
There is also suggested extended reading that gives both practical information and links to websites to expand knowledge

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Endorsement statement

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