Environmentally friendly schools

Schools play a crucial role in aiding children and young individuals to become environmentally mindful adults, and leading by example is one of the best ways to do this. This program will acquaint you about the carbon footprint of institutions (including waste, travel, purchasing, and energy), how to reduce your school’s negative influence on the environment, along with the supplementary benefits of doing this.

Learning outcomes

You will understand the major activities of schools that impact on the environment

You will know how to reduce the carbon footprint of your school through initiatives and changes, such as recycling and energy saving schemes

You will understand the importance of involving pupils, their families, and the wider community

Advantages of this course

More and more children and young people are becoming concerned about climate change, and rightly so, and will be pleased to see that their school is taking the issue seriously. Simple, and innovative, ways to reduce your negative impact on the environment will be suggested in this course.

There are specific resources on saving energy, recycling, reducing waste, sustainable purchasing, School Travel Plans, and making your school a greener place

In the Further Learning section of the course, there are links to green initiatives and programmes that you may wish to participate in. For example, eco-schools and Meat Free Monday.

This CACHE endorsed course is provided in partnership with Laser Learning.

Course Fee: Rs. 7000 /100 USD