Developing children's numeracy skills

This course is of utmost importance for educators because it is an essential part of their job to support children develop the skills for mathematical learning, problem-solving, and other related numeracy to their everyday life. This CACHE endorsed short course will help educators understand the importance of numeracy skills to in their students; lives for future achievement and self-esteem. Through this course, learn techniques that demonstrate the relevance of numeracy to daily life, classroom strategies to develop numeracy skills, and tasks and activities you can use with the children you support.

Learning outcomes

You will know the early learning goals and aims of the national curriculum as it relates to numeracy, and be asked to consider how the children you support are achieving against this
You will understand the importance of numeracy skills for the digital age, self-esteem, and employability
You will learn about intervention strategies, differentiation, scaffolding learning, and involving families in developing numeracy skills

Advantages of this course

Children can sometimes question why numeracy skills are important, but good quality teaching provides the answer by using techniques that show the relevancy of numeracy to their daily lives, the world around them, and their future careers. This course provides a wealth of resources and ideas about how to explain the relevance of numeracy to real-life situations.
You will explore a number of resources for primary and secondary school teachers, and educators who are looking to implement numeracy across the curriculum
Additional activities encourage you to reflect on your learning

On successful completion of this course, you will have the option of purchasing a CACHE certificate. This certificate must not be confused with nationally regulated qualification achievement.

Endorsement statement

Our short course has been reviewed by a Subject Specialist in childcare and endorsed by CACHE demonstrating the quality and rigor. CACHE is a trading name of NCFE (registered company number 02896700) and CACHE; Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education; and NNEB are registered trademarks owned by NCFE. This is an unregulated programme and is not a nationally recognised qualification.