Adolescent mental health awareness

Adolescence is a major transition and has the potential to affect overall mental health and physical wellbeing in younger individuals, aggravates existing mental health issues, triggers new worries or conditions to emerge, and even build flexibility for the coming days. This brief program explores the connection between adolescence and mental health, the common signs experienced by a young individual during this phase and the ways to talk it out with adolescents.

Learning outcomes

You will understand that mental health doesn't just refer to mental ill health, it also refers to positive mental health and resilience

You will understand the mental health continuum, the biopsychosocial model of health, a definition of good mental health, and the difference between a difficulty and a condition

You will be more aware of the common signs of mental ill health and behaviours that may be a cause for concern

You will feel more able to talk to young people about mental health and the transitions they are experiencing

Advantages of this course

Some young people are more vulnerable than others to mental health problems. This course will outline some of the risk factors of mental ill health, touch on the impact of ACEs, and also some of the 'protective factors' that can help to promote their emotional and cognitive development.

Young people who are struggling are often very good at hiding how they feel or what they’re going through. This course will suggest tips and activities that may help them to open up to you and share how they are feeling and what they have experienced in their life - both positive and negative.

This course has additional information about how the COVID-19 pandemic may be affecting young people, and how schools can help.

There is also suggested extended reading that gives both practical information and links to websites to expand knowledge

On successful completion of this course, you will have the option of purchasing a CACHE certificate. This certificate must not be confused with nationally regulated qualification achievement.

Endorsement statement

Our short course has been reviewed by a Subject Specialist in childcare and endorsed by CACHE demonstrating the quality and rigor. CACHE is a trading name of NCFE (registered company number 02896700) and CACHE; Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education; and NNEB are registered trademarks owned by NCFE. This is an unregulated programme and is not a nationally recognised qualification.

This CACHE endorsed course is provided in partnership with Laser Learning.

Course Fee: Rs. 7000 /100 USD